Orphans and Widows


Al-Jood Institute provides services: Every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future. Your support provides access to education, protection of protection, nutrition of nutritious meals and the chance to build a secure future

Help us build a new home for widows today and give a safe home to countless widows in the coming years. We have made it easy for everyone to contribute brick to brick.

Building Masques


Build A Mosque In This World And Build Your Place In Jannah

The Messenger (SAW) of Allah said, “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah’s sake, as a sparrow or even smaller, Allah will build a house in Paradise for him.” (Ibn Majah) A mosque is at the heart of any local Muslim community. It provides space for their worshipers to pray and consider, as well as being a hub for educational programs and other daily services. The Masjid’s role is to help people learn more about Islam and to nurture their moral and spiritual development.

Food charity


One of the Biggest problems in the world today is hunger. While many of us enjoy the pleasures of cooking satisfying meals at home as well as dining out, there are millions of people many of them children in Afghanistan and around the world that do not get enough to eat. The good thing is that this problem is fixable; you can make a difference. this organization is safe choices when looking to make charitable donations to fight hunger.

Digging well



Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don’t have access to it. Yet, we take it for granted. Water is the foundation of life. And still today, all around the world, far too many people spend their entire day searching for it.

O Messenger (SAW) of Allah! My mother died, should I give charity on her behalf? He (SAW) said: "Yes". I said: Which charity is better? He (SAW) said: "Water the water": Narrator: [Saad bin Ubadah]

Eid al-Adha


Families with disabled children as well as those who live off a daily wage are left unable to afford essentials, most of them depend on donations and charity to secure their basic needs. This Eid we want to ensure no family goes hungry and can happily celebrate Eid.

Our campaign will distribute your donations to those most in need. We're aiming to provide Qurbani and Eid gifts to 400 families in this Eid.

Al-Jude Ambulance


Al-Jude organization provides free ambulance service for those who are underprivileged all over Kabul city. If there is a family who has lost a loved one but cannot afford an ambulance or funeral for the dearly departed then we will transport the dead body and perform the funeral for free.

Anyone who is unable to afford ambulance service but badly needs it is most welcome to call us and get free ambulance assistance from us.

Experience in :

  • 1. Helping Orphans And Widows
  • 2. Building Masques
  • 3. Coocking Food Charity
  • 4. Digging Well
  • 5. Eid Al-Adha occasion
  • 6. Charity Ambulance

Our help to people is increasing day by day and we see happiness on the faces of needy people and our charitable institution reaches more people day by day. And our experience is increasing day by day


Al-Jude Foundation works to get the people up and help them as best as possible. Such as teaching, digging wells, building mosques and schools, sponsoring orphans by distributing, food baskets, ready-made foods, serving patients, transporting funerals and sponsoring them.